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In Arkansas, you have
7 days to act!

In Arkansas, you only have 7 days for your attorney to request a hearing to contest your license suspension. Failure to do so will result in an automatic suspension with no further recourse available.

Did You Know?

A DUI conviction in another state can be treated as a prior conviction in Arkansas for DWI penalty purposes.

Don't take a chance with your permanent driving record. Contact an experienced DUI attorney today for a free consultation.


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Information on DWI in Arkansas

Request a hearing within 7 days or lose your license. Period.

If you are facing a DWI in Arkansas, you are not alone if you are feeling frightened, confused, embarrassed, angry or depressed – those emotions are common.  A DWI conviction is a serious matter which could affect relationships with your spouse, your children and your friends.  You could lose your job and any licenses associated with it, including, and especially, your driver’s license.  And in addition to paying large fines, you could be sent to jail, ending up with a permanently marred record.  These are all very real possibilities for those who are convicted of a DWI in Arkansas.  The laws are complicated and defending against them is best left to attorneys who are experienced specifically in DWI defense.  You should never attempt to fight your case without legal help, because your case can be won with a local DWI attorney by your side.  It is highly recommended that you immediatedly contact a qualified local DWI attorney for a free consultation to get your questions answered and gain some peace of mind regarding your charge.

Arkansas and all other states have a BAC (blood alcohol content) limit of .08 as legal evidence of intoxication,  however there are actually two ways you can be arrested.  The first is if your BAC is .08 or higher.  No matter whether you are driving perfectly or not, you are assumed intoxicated under the law and will be arrested.  The other method has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol in your system. If the officer merely has reason to believe you are driving impaired, you can also be arrested.  The arresting officer will take note of things such as driving with blinkers on, with headlights off, weaving in traffic, slow starts at intersections and more than a dozen other things.  If you are stopped, he probably will ask you to take a breathalyzer test.  If you refuse, you will be arrested and booked.

Upon your arrest you will be facing two separate legal cases.  One is a court case which will deal with fines and fees, jail time, and any required driver training programs.  The other case is administrative and will pertain to your license suspension, reinstatement and any points against your driving record.  Being found guilty or innocent of one does not affect the outcome of the other case.  With the increase of DWI laws being passed across the country, it has become more and more difficult to understand all the nuances of the law and it is not recommended that you proceed without proper legal representation.  An attorney who specializes in DWI cases will be best qualified to defend your case.    Don't take a chance on your freedom or your right to drive.  Contact a local DWI attorney for a free consultation right away.

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If you are arrested outside your home state, be sure to ask your attorney how this law will impact you.

The penalties listed below are called for by statute, are not complete, and can often be removed or reduced significantly with the assistance of a local Arkansas DWI attorney.

● Incarceration – between one day and one year in jail.  The court has discretion to replace jail time with court determined amount of community service.
● Fines - minimum $150 and up to $1,000, with additional $300 court costs.
● License Suspension – 120 days suspension for BAC under .15.  For drugs, mandatory suspension is 6 months.
● Limited License Application - first offenders are allowed to apply for a limited driver’s license; required to file proof of insurance with an SR22 form.
● Education – must complete an alcohol education program at a cost of $50

● Bail – at court’s discretion, dependent on alcohol content and number of offenses
● Towing -  average $75 and more, with additional daily fee while vehicle is in storage
● Insurance - must carry SR22 insurance plan for three years; as a designatedhigh risk driver your insurance rates will rise significantly, often doubling or tripling
● Ignition Interlock Device – required for limited license; at your expense, approx $60 per month
● Record – A DWI conviction will remain on driving record permanently
● Employment – Offender may lose time off work and possibly even their job

Second, third, fourth or even fifth offenses bring significantly higher penalties and fines, up to 10 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.  Don’t gamble on your freedom.  Contact a local DWI attorney for a free consultation on your case.

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