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Teens have a lot to look out for: From a teenager’s perspective

Teenagers today have many things to worry about, school, raging hormones etc. to give you a little insight about the struggles of the teenage years here are the top ten health concerns for those meddling teens.

  • Drug abuse: Though not every teen parties, and does drugs, parents do need to keep watch on their children because like it or not, drugs are easier to find and get your (their) hands on. Though all drugs aren’t life threatening.
  • Teen pregnancy: you may be ok with your little angel having sex, or you may not. Regardless teen pregnancy is at an all time high. Most teens aren’t comfortable with talking to their parents about birth control or about having sex at all. So when it comes to asking for prevention, teens fall flat and stay quiet.
  • Depression: from the ages of 13 to 19 a person’s hormones are crazy, not to mention school stress, trying to fit in, and live up to today’s standards of what’s acceptable.
  • Stds: when hormones are raging and things are getting hot and heavy, using protection may be on the back of anyone’s mind. Not to mention that they are expensive and not everyone has the money to go spend it all on condoms.
  • Smoking: it could be pot, cigarettes, or bath salts (depending on if you’re hungry for human flesh or not). They are all easy to get and mostly harmful.
  • Self harm: people could self harm at any age, but you mainly hear about cases where teen girls and boys harm themselves, by cutting themselves or burning themselves. This is brought on by depression, and stress.
  • Eating disorders: the media today shows stick thin girls and very buff guys, unrealistic visions of men and women. This leads girls to stride to get the “perfect body” and stop eating and start throwing up to get stick thin. It can push boys to take steroids to gain the perfect buff body.
  • Alcohol use: like cigarettes, alcohol is easy to find. Most parents drink or smoke, and don’t realize a little bit missing.
  • Obesity: because chips are easy to find and they only cost 99-cents a bag. Teenage obesity leads to adult issues like high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Acting like a thug: though spoken in laymen’s terms having a criminal lifestyle while younger can lead to a hard life as an adult. Reformed or not.
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