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Teens and trouble, sometimes they seems to go hand in hand

Being a teenager is not easy. Living with a teenager can be pretty tough also. Unfortunately teens can find trouble almost anywhere. There are steps that a parent can take to minimize the chance of their teen getting in too much hot water.

Allowing your teen to drink at home.

While some parents do think this is a good idea, it can cause much more harm than good. For starters it will give kids the idea that drinking is acceptable. The clincher is that parents can go to jail for allowing teenage drinking in their home. This can happen even if the parents are not aware of the drinking.


Contact at school.

Staying on top of what is going on in school is as emailing and meeting teachers. If there is no parent teacher contact, there will be plenty of info that never gets to parents.


Keep kids busy.

If parents initiate kids into regular activities then they will have less time to get into trouble. Helping them to gain interest in clubs, sports, or other hobbies is a good way to broaden their interests as well.


Talk to your kids.

Whether it takes texting, a phone call, or dinner together, take time to talk to your kids. When you offer them the space to communicate freely, surprising info will come out. It will give parents the chance to hear the day to day activities of a teen’s life.


Pay attention.

No matter what you might have going on that is on your mind, it is crucial to stay aware of what is going on with your teen. Stay focused on the moods he or she goes through and how they seem to be feeling. Mood swings and health complaints can be clues to drug use and depression.

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