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Staying out of legal trouble can be simply making good decisions

You hear stories all the time about how people get in trouble with the law. Quite often the issues that people run into are very simply caused by just being thoughtless. By taking a little care and planning ahead, a lot of trouble can be completely avoided.

Avoid DUI charges: have someone else drive.

Do you have a regular weekly happy hour out with the guys? Then ask your spouse to pick you up when you’re ready to go home. Usually getting a ride to the drinking location is no problem because everyone is heading to the same place. Getting a ride home is the best way to stay safe. Your wife or significant other would most likely be much happier to pick you up from a bar rather than bail you out of jail.


Avoid moving vehicle violations: stay aware and be courteous.


While you might be in a hurry, it still does not pay to go over the speed limit while driving. You don’t want to be the one person that everyone is passing on the road either. It has been noticed that most police professionals will not ticket a driver that is just traveling 10MPH over the limit, on the interstate or highway. It has also been said that staying with the flow of traffic is usually a good way to avoid tickets. That is not always the best bet when the flow is speeding very fast. Cops have no problem pulling over an entire grouping of vehicles. Don’t zoom around everyone and don’t drive too slowly either. Both can be dangerous as well as troublesome.


Pay attention while driving.


Talking on the phone, dealing with kids, or even eating in the car can be big distractions. If you are distracted then you are more likely to not realize that a light is turning from yellow to red and other traffic signals. If you have to eat or kids are getting crazy, then find a place to pull over and deal with the situation. It is a better option that getting pulled over for a ticket.

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