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Sports stars in trouble.

Athlete: Titus Young.

Sport: Wide receiver in the NFL.

Arrests: He was arrested for a DUI first. He was then arrested for breaking into the impound yard to attempt to get his car that had been impounded. Around a week late he was arrested for breaking and entering and has been charged with robbing a convenience store. Obviously someone that plays for the NFL does not have money problems, so why is he stealing? According to both his father and attorney, he is suffering from the effects of too many concussions.

Athlete: Plaxico Burress

Sport: former NFL player.

Arrest: Felony weapons charge. He brought a gun into a nightclub. He then accidentally shot himself in the leg with the gun. This got him two years in prison.


Athlete: Floyd Mayweather.

GoDUI - Mayweather

Sport: boxing champ.

Arrest: Was arrested for stealing his girlfriend’s iphone in Las Vegas. It sounds like a portion of a domestic dispute, but he was charged with grand larceny. After being arrested he was released on a $3000.00 bail amount.


Athlete:  Ronnie Daniels

Sport: former player for Texas Tech.

Arrest: He broke into a home and took a bath. The family came home and he ran off before getting arrested.


Athlete: Chad Johnson

Sport: former NFL player

Arrest: he was arrested for a parole violation (stemming from domestic violence charges) but pissed off the judge so badly that he got tossed back in jail to do the time (30 days). So, what made the judge mad? She told Johnson to thank his lawyer, who plead for leniency, and according to the judge had done a good job. Johnson thanked him by slapping the lawyers butt, football player style. The judge took this as a major amount of disrespect. He did get out a week later though, after apologizing to the judge.


Athletes: Daunte Culpepper and a few others of his teammates

Sport: Vikings football team.

Arrest: Four players were charged with indecent conduct, disorderly conduct, and lewd or lascivious conduct. They were boating on Lake Minnetonka and having very public sex on the boats. Police responded after onlookers complained.


Athletes: Willie Jefferson and Josh Gordon.

Sport: Baylor University Football players.

Arrest: drug possession. The pair went to Taco Bell for a late night snack and both ended up falling sound asleep in the drive thru line. Cops were called and pot was found in the car.

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