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How to avoid getting incarcerated or arrested

People can get arrested for a very large number of reasons. Some of those reasons are based on simple stupidity while others are more connected to being negligently inattentive. There are of course plenty of people that openly break the law, without regard to the consequences. For most of us though, the trouble that comes our way is not something that we planned on happening.

Tips to avoid tickets, arrests, and going to the county lock-up:

Moving violations.

If you don’t drive too fast then you won’t get a speeding ticket and your insurance won’t be raised as a result. The same is true of running red lights, driving to closely to other vehicles, and rolling on stop signs. If you can’t afford the consequences then keep your driving within the boundaries of the law.

Alcohol and drug involved arrests.

Sometimes people have a little too much to drink. That is really not a big deal unless you decide to be the driver of any moving vehicle. Call someone else to drive you home. If you get into your boat, car, or on your bike, riding lawnmower, jet-ski, or anything else that needs steering-you might get in loads of trouble with the law.

Keep your vehicle in proper working order.

Cops will pull over a vehicle that has brake lights out or one that is spewing out massive amounts of black smoke. Once you get the attention from a cop and get pulled over, they are going to make sure that you have the proper documentation, insurance, and whatever that you are supposed to. They will look to see if passengers are strapped in properly and if there is anything suspicious looking inside the car.

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