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Fake Cops – Be on the lookout!

No one wants to get pulled over by a cop, but it can be much worse to get hounded by someone that is just posing as a police officer. It can happen anywhere, it seems.

Location: Whangarei Area, New Zealand.

Incident: A group of people in a red Holden Commodore pulled a woman over, this past February.

Details: This is the second time in a month that these people have posed as police officers. The men, there were 4 of them, were all in plain clothes. The vehicle had flashing red and blue lights. The men told the woman that they had to search her car for liquor because she was driving through an area where it is banned. The men left the scene quickly after them woman questioned them.

Location: Prattville, Alabama.


Incident:  In February of 2013 a man impersonating a police officer pulled a vehicle over on the interstate.

Details: the driver of the vehicle that was pulled over was a 23 year old woman. The police impersonator tried to pull the woman from her car, but thankfully she managed to fight him off and get away. The man was driving a Crown Vic  And had flashing lights, so he did look like he could be a legitimate cop.


Location: Northern Mississippi.


Incident: Police suspect that a cop impersonator is pulling people over and then shooting them.

Details: Authorities warned locals to call 911 before they decide to pull over, if they had any doubts about whether or not it is a real cop that is trying to pull them over. There have been 2 separate incidents where they believe someone was pulled over and then shot. They think that the driver is using a gold colored Crown Vic.


Location: DePlaines, Il.


Incident: High school student is pulled over by fake cop, just this month.

Details: The 17 year old girl is a student at Maine East High School. The cop impersonator handcuffed her, searched her car, and stole money he found in her car. The man was driving a Crown Vic and had interior flashing red and blue lights.


Location: Western suburbs of Chicago Il.


Incident: Cop impersonator pulls woman over and then rapes her, last year in August.

Details: The man was driving a Crown Vic and had flashing lights. He pulled the woman over and pulled a mask over his face as he approached the vehicle. He forced the woman from her car and had her walk to a nearby cornfield at gunpoint. He both raped her and beat her as well.

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