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Celebrities and other notable folks along with their drugs of choice

Martha Stewart stated just recently that she enjoyed making and eating pot brownies. It makes you wonder what other celebrities have particular penchants for various drugs.

Angelina Jolie

In an interview back in the mid 90’s, she stated that she enjoyed heroin more than the many other drugs that she had done.

George Clooney

Has admitted to enjoy a lifestyle that includes plenty of sex and drugs.

Poet Maya Angelo

Discussed smoking pot in her biography.

Ray Charles

Told the world that he spent many years being addicted to heroin.

Author Charles Dickens

Was known to enjoy opium.

Artist Salvador Dali

Was a hashish smoker.

Bill Gates

Talked about using LSD and enjoying Cannabis, back in a mid 90’s Playboy Magazine interview.

Whoopi Goldberg

Admits to occasionally using pot to calm her nerves.

Sienna Miller

Has stated that she enjoys hallucinogenic mushrooms, and used them when they were legal.

Megan Fox

Talked about her previous drug use in a Maxim Magazine interview  in 2007. She believes that pot should not be illegal.

President Obama

According to the New York Times, the president has imbibed in both cocaine and pot.

Scientist and author Carl Sagan

Was reportedly a daily pot smoker.

Montel Williams

Uses pot to treat the symptoms of the disease that he lives with (Multiple Sclerosis).

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chile Peppers

Has freely admitted to a wildly drug infused past, that is now well behind him.

Singer George Michael

Claims that his pot usage is what keeps him on an even keel emotionally.

Morgan Freeman

Has stated that he will never stop enjoying his weed.

Dennis Quaid

Basically outed the movie industry for their free use of cocaine. He claimed that it was always available and continuously provided.


Claims to have started her drug use with ecstasy and then moved onto crystal meth. Luckily she survived the downward spiral that left her at one point weighing under 100 lbs.

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