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A garden in Michigan?

Take care where you put a garden if you live in Oak Park Michigan. A woman was looking at jail time because she had a garden in her front yard. Thanks to bad publicity the charges were dropped. She was being charged with having an unsuitable front yard.

A garden in British Columbia.

A man created  an urban agricultural area that produces vegetables from a messy, unused lot. He is apparently breaking zoning regulations, because he has been ordered to cease the operation. So, they prefer an overgrown, trash filled lot to a garden?

Poppy seed bagel?

Maybe eating a sesame seed bagel would be a better idea. A new mother in Pennsylvania actually had her baby taken from her immediately after she was born. The Mom tested positive for opiates, because of the bagel that she had eaten the previous day. The baby was kept from her for five days.

Weird old (enforceable?)laws In England:

Your dog and a royal dog, don’t mix.

  • If you allow your dog to mate with a dog that belongs to the royal family, you could be executed.

Keep the stamp right side up.

  • If you use a stamp that has a monarchs head, and you paste it upside down, you could be charged with treason.

In Wisconsin the list of arrestable offenses could grow massively larger.

  • If the bill passes the then you can be arrested for any civil forfeiture.

What is “civil forfeiture”?

Things that are normally handled with a fine, such as ; speeding, parking infractions, pet leash laws, noise ordinance violations, seat belt violations, and many more. So if you send an unsolicited fax or use your flashlight improperly, you too can be hauled off to jail immediately.

Don’t go to Russia, if you are Gay.

Don’t wave a rainbow flag, hold hands with someone of the same sex, or even mention, text, tweet anything even vaguely positive about the LGBT community. You could go to jail. Unfortunately these are new laws, not something out of date that should have been taken off the books many years ago.

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